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      Fitting guide

      How to fit and adjust your lobloo Patented Genital Protection

      Assemble your lobloo

      Translated languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian.

      The Waistband

      This is what´s bringing the protection up- and toward your body. So, keep the waistband tight. Tighten it as you would a belt. It should be snug; it’s the tightness, angle, and width of the waistband that does most of the work in keeping the protection in place. 

      Leg straps

      It´s important to not overtighten the leg straps. This will pull the cup below your crotch and could cause the cup to chafe against your groin. The leg ties should have plenty of flex to move with you (this is actually at the core of lobloo’s patented design). 

      You may then cut off most of the surplus from the leg ties and burn the ends with a lighter to avoid fraying. But leave 10-15 cm on either side until you have used your lobloo a few times, just in case you would want to readjust the ties and change the fit. 

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      How to mold and fit lobloo slick mouthguard

      lobloo Slick is the result of extensive laboratory testing and field trials to perfect both of these aspects. A hard outer layer acts as a shield, efficiently spreading impact forces without feeling plasticky in your mouth. The inner layer, meanwhile, is made from lobloo’s proprietary mold material, which not only ensures a perfect fit; it also retains its shape and superior energy-absorption in the long term.

      Translated languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian.

      Video instructions in how to mold your lobloo slick mouthguard

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