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Go for the win! With lobloo, you enjoy complete freedom of movement and 100% protection in every position.

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Game changer

I umpire and had paid good money for severaljockstraps. I was constantly having to fix those and adjusting them to the point of frustration. I even had my wife sew the ones I had into the sleeve of my underwear and the other ones still wouldn’t work. This one stays in place and protects well!!! I really don’t know I have it on. It’s truly been a game changer for me!!!!


- Amazon customer

Great teeth/mouth protection for your sporting activities

This mouthguard, protects your teeth and mouth during sporting activities. It's super easy to mold to your mouth/teeth. Just put in boiling water, wait a bit, then bite down and your good to go. This mouth piece comes with a bag that has a mesh side to it for airing out the mouthpiece. Once formed to your mouth, the mouthpiece is comfortable to wear.

- Amazon customer

Best Mouthguard I've Used

This product fits extremely well and looks good too. Been using mouthguards for the past 20 years and this one fits better and more comfortably than any mouthguard I've ever owned. Simple as that.

-Amazon Customer

Forgot Iwas wearing it

The lobloo free was comfortable I forgot I was wearing it and went into the next class to teach. I highly recommend

- marybeth


A cup that doesnt move and that is adjustable.

Satisfied by the product 💪

- Damiel

My Son - with braces - says its the best one he's had so far.

My 13 year old son has braces and we usually look for those guards that specifically claim to work with them. My son stated that this is by far the most comfortable guard he's had yet... (5 years of football)

- John Stevenson

I absolutely love this groin protection

I use it for Krav Maga and it's been a life saver. My last groin protection was fine, but it was constantly moving around and it didn't give me as much protection. My first knee with this cup on and I was ecstatic - it had way more protection and I barely felt it. I've got at least one other female sparring partner to try (and love) the lobloo.

- Danae

Best mouthguard I have used.

Slim comfortable profile. I threw out the other mouthguards I tried. They felt like having 198g of cheap rubbery plastic in my mouth. I can talk with this one in. Stays put, during sleep (I use it to stop bruxism). I reckon it would stay put during contact sports also.

- Deb

Most comfortable cup in the known universe.

I use this for krav maga and if you are looking for extra groin protection (let's be honest it's krav so of course you are) that doesn't restrict your movement or cause discomfort this is it. I wear it over compression style underwear and almost forget it's there.

- Isaac Ward

Best female groin guard ever

You don't even know it's there.

Doesn't restrict my movement at all.

And it takes the blows.

- Sage

Worth every penny!

Very easy to set up. Feels better than any "jock strap" style that I've tried. The adjustable leg straps and waist band really let you dial it in for comfort. Had my wife knee me in the balls and we're all good! I would definitely recommend this product.

- Charlie Alpha Mike

So, so incredibly worth it.

It's so well worth it. It's different, and odd to set up, and weird to put on. But it's not difficult, and different is necessary for improvement. It's a little more pricey if you're comparing it to your average sub standard groin protection, but in terms of protection, it's so far above and beyond.

- Jonathon Welborn-Karlsen

My daughter loves this mouthguard!

My daughter has used three other brands of mouthguard for both Lacrosse and Karate. She says this fits better than other brands and is the most comfortable. Bonus she
can talk and actually be understood without sounding muffled.

- Stacey

Great product

I love this mouth guard . So much easier to breathe with this one in than my last one. Not to mention the color is super cute and it takes impact like a champ.

- Cat-mom life

Worth it

It's perfectly fit my chin, I am able to breath during sparring and don't feel any discomfort, and protection is very good. Absolutely worth it's money

- Ali

great mouth guard

This mouth guard doesn't fall out in the middle of a roll 10/10

- Matt

So grateful for this thing!

My sparring partner does not mess around, she goes straight for it every time. Thank God for this cup

- Michelle Lee

Bionic tech made in Sweden

The choice of professional athletes, lobloo’s bionic designs provide full protection in every position—without compromising your performance.

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Patented performance protection

As elite athletes, we know what it takes to win. That’s why lobloo’s bionic sports protection works just like your own body. Fluid, strong, balanced, with a perfect fit that follows your every move, providing 100% protection in all positions without ever getting in the way of victory.