• lobloo® MMA CUP athletic groin cup
  • lobloo® MMA CUP athletic groin cup
  • lobloo® MMA CUP athletic groin cup
  • lobloo® MMA CUP athletic groin cup

lobloo® MMA CUP athletic groin cup

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Designed for:

  • Mixed martial arts
  • Standing martial arts

Featuring lobloo's patented bionic cup design and fitting system, MMA CUP offers 100% protection without compromising your performance.

The MMA CUP is custom-engineered to enable fast transitions between standing and ground positions. Smooth, rounded edges, ample ventilation and a soft lining equal unrestricted movements and complete comfort even during prolonged use. It frees your max in close-contact sports such as MMA, BJJ and Krav Maga.

Protection: virtually unbreakable polycarbonate (also used in bullet-proof vests). An ergonomic shape and soft lining that spread impact forces. And lobloo's patented bionic design and fitting system ensuring complete protection in any position.

Set up MMA CUP once and for all, and it will move as one with you. No need to readjust between training sessions and competitions. You can wear it under or over clothing. And MMA CUP is fully machine-washable.

A bionic masterpiece developed by Olympians, MMA CUP is your cup for life.

No compromises.

  • Patented ergonomics—moves as one with you, offering 100% protection in any position
  • Unrestricted movement—freeing your inner thighs, MMA CUP is perfect for close-contact sports that combine standing and ground positions
  • CE-certified robustness—MMA CUP is virtually unbreakable—made from polycarbonate, the same material used in bullet-proof vests
  • Superior comfort—ergonomic shape, soft lining and ample ventilation to keep you dry and cool
  • Prevents whipping—stays snugly in place, preventing whipping on impact
  • One-time setup—fit your MMA CUP once and it will stay perfectly adjusted throughout and in between sessions
  • Superior hygiene—the smooth design prevents bacteria build-up—and the entire assembly is machine-washable

Your lobloo shipment includes

  • MMA CUP body
  • Waistband
  • Leg cord
  • Mesh bag for storage and washing

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