We're all about winning

Olympian wrestler. European MMA champion. Some 3,000 fights, 400 weight cuts and 8 surgical operations. With over 34 years’ experience in elite sports, Usama Aziz knows what it takes to win. But in his career as a professional athlete, he never found sports protection that didn’t in some way distract, hinder or wear on him. That’s why he launched lobloo—to give the next generation the equipment he’d always wished for. And he found the ultimate solution in nature’s own design.

Backed by a team of dedicated elite athletes, Usama developed an entirely new type of protective equipment, which builds directly on human anatomy. lobloo’s bionic designs work just like your own bones, tendons and muscles. Moving seamlessly with you, our products offer 100% protection in all positions—without ever getting in your way.

All lobloo products are designed and manufactured in Sweden, with prototyping and final designs guided by a test panel of athletes, ensuring perfect fit and function for every sport we cover. Because we not only want to keep you safe—we want to protect your athletic performance.

Just like you, we’re all about winning.

Usama Aziz
Founder of lobloo®

Olympian wrestler
European MMA champion
+3000 fights