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      Shipping & Refund Policy


      Please be aware that you can experience a delay from your order due to COVID-19.

      Free shipping services

      Within the EU, North America and, Australia, the estimated delivery time is 2-5 working days.

      For all other countries 4-6 working days.

      For faster deliveries, we offer fixed prices worldwide

      Within the EU, North America and, Australia, the estimated delivery time is 1-3 working days.

      For all other countries 3-5 working days. 

      As a customer, you are responsible for all duties. 

      Shipping Information 

      Our Free shipping services offer a traceable number within the EU, North America, Australia, and Japan. If you only received a delivery date and it was not delivered in time, please email us here with your order number, so we can track it.

      For all other countries, we will notify you with an acknowledgment number. This number tracks in which country it is located and if your order has been received. If your order has arrived at your location without any notification, we recommend you to contact your local postal service for more information.

      Lost deliveries can be investigated only after 30 days. 

      Returns and Exchanges

      • You can return or exchanges any items purchased at the lobloo Online Store within 14 days of the delivery date.
      • All products must be returned in the original condition.
      • Note that you are responsible for the shipping until we have received the goods and therefore, we recommend you choose a carrier who provides tracking of packages.
      • Note that duties and taxes on orders shipped outside the EU cannot be refunded.
      • The shipping cost is also non-refundable for orders shipped by our paid shipping services.


      If you want to make a reclaim a product, you must contact us by email and notify us of why you do not accept the item and specify why you think the product is not correct. Email to sale@lobloo.com.

      When and if we accept the reclaim, we will send you a prepaid return note and further instructions. Make sure to notify lobloo of any complaint within 14 days after receiving your order.

      Uncollected items

      If you do not pick up your order, we will charge you for delivery, return and storage costs. The cost of this is currently $15. Uncollected orders are not counted as cancellation of your purchase.