lobloo universal mouthguard molding video

Congratulations on discovering lobloo—performance protection to boost your athletic career!

Today we’re going to show how to mould your lobloo mouthguard.

It’s a straightforward process.

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Preparing to mould and fit

What you need:

  • Heat source
  • Cold water
  • Spoon
  • Timer

Practice our vacuum technique:

  1. With an empty mouth, push your tongue against the front of your palate.
  2. Then suck as hard as you can with your mouth closed.
  3. Suck repeatedly, and you will feel how a vacuum is gradually created inside your mouth.
  4. Once you know the vacuum technique, it’s time to create the perfect mould.

Moulding and fitting

  1. Bring a pot of water to boil and remove it from the burner or hotplate.

  2. Drop in your mouthguard and let it sit (see below);
    SLICK Large +14yrs and let it sit for 45 seconds.
    SLICK Medium 10-13yrs and let it sit for 35 seconds.
    PRO-FIT Large +14yrs and let it sit for 40 seconds.
    PRO-FIT Medium 10-13yrs and let it sit for 30 seconds.

  3. Shake off the hot water.

  4. Pinch the rims of the mouthguard together and push the ends toward the middle. This will ensure a tight fit during the moulding process.

  5. Put the mouthguard directly into your mouth, checking the mirror to ensure that your front teeth or on either side of the centre. Then bit straight down as far as you can.

  6. To create a single, accurate imprint of your teeth, it’s important that you do not grind your teeth.

  7. Now use the vacuum technique while pressing the outside of the mouthguard with your fingers.

  8. Keep doing this until you feel that the mouthguard has virtually fused with your gums and teeth (and don’t worry if moulding material is pushed out through the slits in the mouthguard, it is a key part of the design).

  9. Remove and leave in cold water for 30 seconds.

  10. The perfect fit that you just achieved is key to lobloo’s superior impact protection.

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