lobloo universal assembly and fitting video

lobloo´s patented fitting system provides protection and unrestricted movement. The key to staying comfortable and fully protected is to adjust the waistband and leg ties for your particular body. Do this correctly, and you and your lobloo will become as one – you won’t even know it’s there.

Make sure to choose the correct cup for your sport, gender, and age. All of our protection was carefully tailored to fit different bodies and different sports.

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How to fit your lobloo

The Waistband

This is what´s bringing the protection up- and toward your body. So, keep the waistband tight. Tighten it as you would a belt. It should be snug; it’s the tightness, angle, and width of the waistband that does most of the work in keeping the protection in place. 

Leg straps

It´s important to not overtighten the leg straps. This will pull the cup below your crotch and could cause the cup to chafe against your groin. The leg ties should have plenty of flex to move with you (this is actually at the core of lobloo’s patented design). 

You may then cut off most of the surplus from the leg ties and burn the ends with a lighter to avoid fraying. But leave 10-15 cm on either side until you have used your lobloo a few times, just in case you would want to readjust the ties and change the fit. 

How and what to wear with lobloo

To provide extra comfort and prevent chafing, wear synthetic underwear, or a lobloo support underwear (male, female) underneath your protection. 

Compression wear

If you wear compression garments on top of your lobloo it could push the guard into your groin. If you find that inconvenient you may want to wear your lobloo on top of the compression gear. 

If you by any chance experience chafing or discomfort you should adjust the straps again. Take the gear for a spin through a few sessions and let it become part of you once again.  

Should you have any questions about fitting or anything else, please just flick us an email. We work methodically with all queries and input, leaving nothing to chance. This is how we got to the top in our sports, and this is how we will help you to the top in yours.

You just bought yourself peace of mind. No matter what’s coming your way, you’ll be alright.

lobloo Patented Performance Protection

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