As boys, we learn how sensitive our balls are, and learn very early to keep our hands out in front so we don't get “racked” by other kids. As we started playing sports, we learned that our hands can’t prevent impacts, the pain, and a real genital injury becomes a focus for the first time. 

Males are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to protecting our sex organs. It is almost not possible to put our genitals in a worse spot!  The testicles are exactly where you would get kicked in many sports, and their location on the body makes them quite challenging to protect even if we were standing still. But body movement in sports makes that far more difficult.

Many men and boys know they have to (or should) wear athletic cups for some sports. But not all sports have the same risk. A baseball player would not wear a hockey cup because each are designed to “take hits” differently.

Some sports, such as mixed martial arts, have even higher risks since full force kicking is allowed, and “accidents happen”. MMA groin protection is vital but can be complex due to the wide range of products available and surprisingly differing effectiveness. 

Yes, it’s a challenge to protect “that area”, but with the right product, it can be done. 

Watch and learn how you can change your game

Ben Thulen
Sports Injury Researcher, United States

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