Nothing is more painful to a man than a hard groin hit!  And unfortunately many men and boys purchase their first cup after that first hit.  So why is that? 

  • Myth

Even if I get hit, it’s no big deal. It will hurt but I’ll get over it. 

  • Truth 

The testicles are specifically designed to register serious pain to force males to protect them to prevent injury.  Actual damage to the testilces is real, and it does happen in many sports.  

And that is what a groin guard does. 

Research has shown that in the past 25 years or so, “wearing a groin guard” is something that fewer and fewer men (and boys) seem to do.  In some sports, like American football, athletic cups are pretty much gone for adults and on a sharp decline even for boys.  

This is very unfortunate since the risks have not decreased at all, and in some sports, such as martial arts, the risks are higher now due to the increasing number of males active in it.

Wearing an athletic cup is not fun.  But it’s there for a reason.  As a man, protecting your balls from injury is obviously vital for many reasons.  But so is reducing the pain from a hit.  

If you are not convinced to wear a groin cup, read on…   

There are plenty of Internet reports and videos of men (and even boys) suffering serious testicle injuries (including a loss of a testicle) where a simple athletic cup might have changed the outcome… 

...and prevented a tremendous amount of pain as well.

Watch and learn how you can change your game

Ben Thulen
Sports Injury Researcher, United States

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