lobloo Athletic Cup CE-marking explanation


The present information applies to the following GENITAL protectors:


The Manufacturer


Krukmakargatan 28, Stockholm – SWEDEN


The Marking means that the protectors have been submitted to the CE-Type Approval Certification process in accordance with the requirements of the European Directive 89/686/EEC (and subsequent modifications) and has been granted a 2nd CAT. PPE = Personal Protective Equipment against medium risks.

The performances of your protectors have been verified by RICOTEST Notified Body nr. 0498 (Via Tione 9, 37010 Pastrengo - Verona - Italy) on the basis of a laboratory testing procedure performed following the technical requirements of the European Technical Harmonized Standard EN 13277-5:2002.

Declares under his sole responsibility that the PPE Is in conformity with the safety and health requirements of the EU Regulation 2016/425 Annex II is compliant with the Standards: EN ISO 13688:2013, EN 13277-1:2000 is identical to the PPE object of the CE certificate n ° 716164901/OE


These protectors, when used and worn correctly, are meant to reduce injuries risks when practising martial arts activities that do not foresee the use of weapons, like for instance taekwondo, karate, kick-boxing, and similar sport activities that imply the use of these protectors. The protectors must be so designed and manufactured that in the foreseeable conditions of use for which they are intended the user can normally perform the risk-related activity whilst enjoying appropriate protection.  


At the current state of our knowledge the protectors do not contain any substance/material that may negatively affect the user’s health and hygiene.

HAZARDS against which some protection is given

These protective devices are meant to protect the wearer by reducing the severity of contusions, wounds, abrasions, fractures, and injuries that may occur while engaging in disciplines that require pelvic protection.

HAZARDS against which protection is NOT given

The protectors described in the present booklet do not provide protection against serious injuries. These equipments cannot guarantee protection against traumas provoked by extreme movements.


§  NO protector CAN GUARANTEE A TOTAL PROTECTION from all possible impacts or abrasions

§  Always follow the specific use instructions

§  Do not use the protective devices for other uses than those described in the present booklet: improper handling may seriously reduce the protection provided

§  Be aware that any contamination, alteration or misuse of the protectors could dangerously reduce the level of protection they are meant to provide

§  Any variation in the ambient conditions (like for instance changes in temperature) is likely to alter the protection provided.


§   Before using these protectors, make sure they are in good condition. In case of visible damages THEY SHALL BE REPLACED

§   The protectors work properly only when in good conditions and correctly positioned: the level of protection is effective as long as the protectors keep their original characteristics. Therefore, it is important that no modifications or repairs are made: do not tamper with your protective devices

§   If the fixing devices consist of strips, straps, elastic bands or other, both their efficiency and their sealing must be verified. If a Velcro closure is present, it should be checked for wear and tightness.


§   Wash the protectors at a temperature of 40°C after inserting them in the washbag they are sold with

§   Do not use hot water, solvents or other chemicals

§   Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight

§   Do not leave exposed to extremely high or low temperatures

§   Never tamper with the protector in any of its parts

§   When not in use, the protector must be stored in the bag they are provided with in a dry and well ventilated place

§   After use leave it dry in a well ventilated place, at room temperature; do not use dryer or other heating devices

If the protector is damaged, or if there is any doubt about its condition, it should be replaced immediately.

Complaints or replacement requests for which it has been established improper use will not be accepted.


In order to fully benefit from the protection offered by these protectors you should ensure that no discomfort is caused by the items and that the protectors are sited over the areas they are designed to protect.

You should ensure that all fitting devices are securely fastened and that the protectors adhere to the body without being too tight. In case belts, straps or elastic bands are used as fastening devices, they must be fastened correctly.

The pelvic protectors which are object of the present booklet are available in the following sizes: AEROFIT ADULT (XL), AEROFIT JUNIOR (M), AEROFIT YOUTH (S), THE THAI CUP 2.0 (L), AEROSLIM FEMALE (S), FREE MALE (L), FREE FEMALE (S), MMA CUP ADULT (XL), MMA CUP KIDS (S).


The product lifetime is strictly related to its use, cleaning cycles, and consequent material degradation.

At the end of your protector useful life be sure to not discard it in the natural environment: please follow your local / national environmental regulations and discard it in an appropriate dumping area. Further information regarding these regulations can be obtained from your local authorities. 

Signed for and on behalf of FRONTLIFE AB

Stockholm, 2016/12/05

Usama Aziz, Chief Officer