lobloo offers a number of jockstrap styles of protection 

Reviewing genital protection products can be more interesting than one might imagine.  In theory, they all have the same purpose, to protect the testicles.  And while 70 to 80 percent of male genital protection products, i.e. “athletic cups”, are largely very similar, some designs are quite different. 

An example of this is a product line from a Swedish company called lobloo. Makers of a number of jockstrap-style protection items, their product line covers a wide range of sports including lacrosse, baseball, fencing, hockey and all types of martial arts. They also have products designed to be able to handle sports like paintball, even horse riding, and fencing. 

So what makes lobloo Unique? 

First, it is a jock strap-type product that uses a unique elastic “cord” system that goes from the top of the cup, around between the back of the legs, back up to the bottom of the cup itself. It is a cup to cup connection, not a cup to strap, or cup in-a-pouch solution. 

The athlete can tie the device at the comfort level of their choosing, at both waist and legs. But… because the cords and waist strap connect only to the cup directly, the cup is far less likely to move during extreme body movement. This is true for women also, and lobloo makes female pelvic protectors as well. 

lobloo athletic cups stay in place 

With men and boys, cup movement during sports is the number one cause of injuries with groin hits. In MMA-related sports, and boxing, this can be a very serious issue for genital organ safety, not just controlling pain. An out of place cup is useless, and sometimes dangerous. Worn over compression shorts, their cup still stays in place better than nearly all other jockstrap genital protection products. 

Athletic Groin cups for all sports, genders and ages 

Secondly, the cup design is not just one design. It is several.  One is narrower for more faster-paced sports requiring large ranges of lower body motion.  Another athletic cup type is wider near the testicles which is ideal for boxing, baseball or hockey catchers, and many types of martial arts and wrestling.  And another is a more traditional shape which some males are more familiar with. They make child, teen and adult sizes as well. 

Next, the product is NOT sold based on waist size

This is also unique, and should be the industry standard.  Waist size has nothing at all to do with the size of the male’s genitals which is what matters.

Because the waist strap and leg straps are completely customizable, and separate, the athlete can fit it perfectly to their individual bodies.  This is almost unheard of for groin protection products.  They are also one of the only companies in the world that provides extra straps and support cords if needed.

lobloo has said that their concept is internationally patented and other support companies may have missed a great opportunity to innovate.

Watch and learn how you can change your game

Ben Thulen
Sports Injury Researcher, United States

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