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To an outsider, it might not be apparent that our sports are mental challenges. Sure, you have to be fit, tough, and technically proficient, but that’s just par for the course. Above all, you have to be completely and utterly focussed. That unexpected kick comes hard and swift; that bump in the mountain trail appears out of nowhere; that sudden counterattack returns the puck at 170km/h – it all happens in the fraction of an instant. You cannot afford to be distracted. 

Be free from thoughts

As martial arts Olympians and MMA athletes, we appreciate how important it is to stay inflow. So, when we design lobloo equipment, we aim beyond simply achieving protection from pain and injury. We consider a product to be successful only when it delivers freedom from thought.  

A traditional groin protection

lobloo are more or less alone in setting this standard. Take the common groin athletic cup, for instance. A traditional groin cup gives you plenty to think about: will it be so uncomfortable; you’ll avoid wearing it? (In many cases, yes.) Will its sheer bulk and weight impede your movements? (Probably.) Will it break? (With some composites, maybe.) Will you be dropping your guard to readjust it over and over? (Very likely.) Will it follow your every move, providing 100% protection whether you are standing, kicking, riding, jumping or wrestling? (No.)  

Lightweight and bulletproof material

By contrast, lobloo has addressed every angle of the seemingly simple design of cups: CE-certified polycarbonate and other thermoplastics withstand up to 4 tonnes’ pressure, making for an incredibly strong yet light body. Ergonomic shape and soft silicone linings keep the cup stable and redistribute the force of blows evenly. Large vents keep you dry and comfortable. And, most importantly, our patented fitting system ensures that you can enjoy full mobility and remain 100% protected no matter what position you’re in.  

At lobloo, we think about all these things so that you won’t have to. Whether we are designing a new athletic cup, mouthguard or any other protective equipment, we work methodically, leaving nothing to chance. This is how we rose to the top in our sports, and this is how we’ll help you rise to the top in yours.

You just stay focussed on what you do best.


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Paul Walden

Strategic copywriter


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