A unique feature of lobloo is the fact that we have different genital protection for different sports and different bodies. No brainer you might think. But most traditional groin guard brands have either one size fits all-philosophy, or they’re specialized within their particular sport and built from necessity. 

We start with another question – how do we create the ultimate genital protection gear?

This is our foundation and that is where we go to work. We ask ourselves how different bodies, in different positions, moving in different ways can be protected to perfection? The answer is most certainly that no one size fits all. 

Different movements and different bodies require different types of protection.

And for protection to actually protect it needs to be in place, catching and diffusing those low blows.

The solution to that is not as one might think – a super sturdy and rigid fastening system, but rather a flexible one, letting the protection move with the body and becoming one with it, not staying in place, but moving into the right place, at the right time. 

That is why our fitting system has been patented – because it is unique.

And sturdy, rigid, heavy metal isn’t even the answer when it comes to the actual material of the protection – it’s heavy, it’s fragile and it is just as likely to hurt you as hurting the opponent.  

Lightweight, flexible and comfortable

Modern, state of the art plastic compounds is the solution. Lightweight, indestructible and flexible enough to both be comfortable and to absorb and diffuse blows. This is what lobloo is all about. Genital protection made to perfection. We want you to feel safe so that you dare go for it. Dare to win.

Watch and learn how you can change your game

Paul Walden

Strategic copywriter

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