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      Daring is about confidence. Confidence to try, to take on the challenge, to lose and to win. Competing with yourself or against others makes no difference. Being prepared creates confidence. Being equipped creates confidence. Confidence makes you dare.

      lobloo was created to give the confidence to dare. Founded by Usama Aziz, Swedish elite athlete with 34 years of martial arts experience. He has competed professionally in three different disciplines – Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing and MMA. With 2 Olympics, over 3000 fights, 400 weight cuts and 8 operations he has the most complete experience one might need to create perfect protection gear for contact sports.

      Backing him is a team of dedicated athletes from all sports that need protective gear; football, hockey, martial arts, mountain bike and several others. They come in all shapes, genders and ages, both amateur and professional – the perfect combination to gain comprehensive knowledge through tests and trials of the designs.

      The patented design of lobloo is the combination of this amassed knowledge, ergonomic construction and the best available industry-grade materials. Designed, made and assembled in Sweden. All cups are practically unbreakable, equipped with the unique fitting system made for unrestricted movement and fully machine washable.

      This is equipment that give all users the confidence to dare.

      Dare to win.