Lo Bloo was started by athletes in martial arts who agreed that there was a lack of comfortable groin guards that provided the necessary protection.

They felt that the cups they had tried were uncomfortable and clumsy, often moved and did not stay close to the body during vigorous movements, which means that they did not provide 100% protection.

Many think that it is the hardness of the cup that is critical when receiving a hit to the groin. However, you rarely hear of a cup breaking as a result of a hit, even if it has occasionally happened. The main reason why for experiencing pain from a hit is that the cup is not fitted closely enough to the body and protects in the way that was intended. This results in the cup being pushed against the sensitive area from the force of the blow, causing pain.

Based on innovative ideas they developed a patented comfort fit system. This system keeps the cup close to the body through every movement, giving 100% protection. Along with this comfort fit system they have created models with a good fit and comfort for anyone who needs this type of protection, regardless of sport, age and gender.

This type of groin guard often look boring and lack good design, possibly because they are not visible when you wear them. Lo Bloo’s models can be worn inside your clothes as well as outside, which is the reason why focus has also been on giving the models an attractive design.

Lo Bloo’s products are also CE certified according to European Standard EN 13277-5:2002.

The groin guards are currently manufactured in Sweden by a leading company specialised in plastic materials.